Cancer Marker - Nasopharynx 癌症指標 (鼻咽癌)

Cancer Marker - Nasopharynx 癌症指標 (鼻咽癌)
(EBVDNA) EB 病毒脫氧核糖核酸

AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) (Liver) 甲種胚胎蛋日(肝臟)

CEA (Colorectal) 癌胚胎抗原(腸)

CA 19.9 (Pancreas) 癌抗原 19.9(胰臟)


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  1. Cancer Marker 癌症指標
    AFP 甲種胚胎蛋日(肝臟)
    CEA 癌胚抗原(腸)
    CA 19.9 癌抗原 19.9(胰臟)
    CA15.3 癌抗原 15.3 (乳房) female only
    CA125 癌抗原 125(卵巢) female only
    PSA Total 前列腺癌抗原 male only
  2. EBVDNA(EB) 鼻咽癌測定
  3. Pap Smear 柏氏單層細胞塗片
  4. HPV Vaccine 9 in 1 (3 Doses) 子宮頸癌疫苗注射九合一 (共三針)
  5. Ultrasound 超聲波檢查, ECG 靜態心電圖

***Please book the appointment at least one week in advance請於最少7天前預約